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IT support for business in Long Island

IT Support For Your Business

From Windows Servers, Networking, Firewall, Cable Runs, Active Directory, Data Recovery, Upgrades and Management. Our priority is the safety and security of your data. LI Computer Repair does it right the first time. Call us today.
computer repair services

Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair Services, software upgrades/downgrades, hardware replacement, Microsoft Window Reinstall, applications support -No CD/DVD required. We know computers, call us today for a free quote.
local laptop repair services

Laptop Repair Long Island

Laptop Repair Services, screen and keyboard replacement, DC Jack repairs, virus removals, Operating System reinstalls, hardware and software upgrades, password reset, data transfer and more...
virus remover services

Virus and Spyware Removal

We remove all viruses & Spyware, ransom infections, crypto virus. Complete eradication of malicious infections while keeping all your data (Photos, Music, Documents, etc). LI Computer Repair will optimize your computer for maximum performance.
data recovery long island

Data Backup and Recovery

Backup, Backup, Backup. We encourage all of our customers to backup their valuable data. But if it's too late, we are here to help you recover it. We provide affordable data recovery for any kind of media or file system. Call Long Island Computer Repair. If we don't recover, you don't pay.
local website desgin and seo services

Web Design and SEO Long Island

Today anyone can get a website, but to be on top and be found on Google and major search engines, your website design must be optimized, must be flawless, adaptive, and responsive. Let LI Computer Repair design and provide you with SEO services that generate results.

Computer Data Backup & Recovery

How often do you backup your PC? If it were suddenly damaged or stolen, would you lose valuable data? We recommend installing a DVD or CD burner, which allows you to save your files onto recordable and rewritable discs. Along with helping you store your data safely, we also offer data recovery services that can try to recover lost files resulting from hardware malfunctions, software conflicts or viruses.

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One-on-One Computer Training

Have you ever purchased a software program, only to find out you have no idea how to use it? Or want to learn how to use a computer and take advantage of email, chat and the Internet? Unfortunately it's not always possible to take a class that fits your schedule and your budget. Instead, you might consider signing up for personalized instruction from Our friendly, trained experts are thrilled to share their knowledge and love of computers, and they offer easy-to-understand lessons for a very competitive rate. Multiple-session training packages are also available.

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Computer Firewalls & Internet Security

How secure is your computer? Have you downloaded the latest patches and updates for Windows? As internet usage has grown, so have security threats. One way to protect yourself is to install a firewall, which keeps intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing your private data. Firewalls also can alert you when spyware programs attempt to transmit your sensitive information over the internet. In particular, firewalls are crucial if you have the always-on internet connection of DSL or a cable modem. Protect yourself and your family with help from Long Island Computer Repair

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Wired and Wifi Networks Setup

If you have two or more PCs in your home or office, have you considered networking them? A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an internet connection. Even better, a wireless network is the cutting-edge way to connect all of the computers in your home or office. Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect laptop and desktop computers, or for people who don't like to be tied down. And when you go wireless, you won't have the inconvenience of tripping over unsightly cables.

If you are interested in installing a High Speed Wireless Internet Network in your home, we are just what you are looking for. Whether your house is a home office, or you would like the luxury of surfing the web on your patio or by the pool, we have a solution for you. Depending on the type of configuration you are looking for, Long Island Computer Repair will provide you with a system that fits your needs and budget. Contact us for a free estimate.

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Computer Virus Removal

Does it seem like there's a bug inside your computer? It could be a virus, spyware or your computer could have been hacked. If your computer is performing too slow or your internet browser keeps changing your home page, most likely your computer is infected. For peace of mind, and expert virus removal contact us now. No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest antivirus software and a professional to remove it. Our Computer Technicians will suggest what antivirus to use. Not only do antivirus programs protect your computer from damage, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing viruses to family and friends when you send emails or share files. If you're unsure about which virus software to install or how to configure it, just ask the experts.

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Computer and LANs Updates and Upgrades

Is your computer several years old? Is it slow to boot up? Are you running out of storage space? We can breathe new life into your computer by upgrading some of its key components. Even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions about whether or not you should upgrade your computer hardware? Contact us for a free analysis.

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